Things tend to change when you least expect them to ... it is God's way of putting things into perspective.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


That is the sound I heard from Charlie's bedroom this morning!!! I was down in my bathroom getting ready for the day and I heard Charlie wake up on the monitor. He usually takes a few minutes to get going so I rarely have to rush to get him. Today was a different story. I heard one cry and then KerPLUNK!! I took off running up the stairs to see what toy he had gotten hold off.

When I opened the door to his bedroom, I found Charlie lying on his back about a foot from his crib. He was startled and not moving! I quickly checked for broken bones or any other injuries, but he was fine, just scared himself.

So, tonight after work, Eric set out to lower the crib as low as it would go. It was only one level up from the bottom, but now it is as low as it would go. We were just shocked that he fell (or climbed) out of the crib as he has never even tried to get his leg up.

We'll see how long he lasts at this new level. When I put him to bed tonight, I saw that the rail was at his neck so I think we will be ok for awhile now. Fingers crossed :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ahhh ... Sunday!!

We had a fun Saturday .... we went over to our friend's home and swam in their pool and then enjoyed a great meal on the patio. Sarah and Donna keep their pool at bath water temperature so Charlie had no qualms about getting in the water. He even put his face in the water and would let me take him all the way under!!!! We had a great time!!

This weekend really made it feel like summer. On Friday night, we went downtown to the town carnival. Charlie was still much too young for the carnival rides, but it was nice walking around and enjoying time with some of our neighbors. I even got a funnel cake!!!! YUM!!!!

Today I am going to try and meet up with a friend from high school. She is in Kansas City visiting a college friend so we are trying to make time for one another as it has been nearly 10 years!!!! Hopefully it works out :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

No more bottles!

Well, that's it! The bottles are gone!!! They have been packed away and put in the basement only to be brought out for the next child (whenever that happens). Thursday morning marked the last bottle for Charlie. Since then, he has been all about the sippy cup. He has been using the nubby sippy for quite some time -- only using the bottle when he woke up and right before bed -- but after watching him Thursday, I realized little man was READY for the switch. He had begun spending more time "playing" with the bottle than drinking the milk. He has figured out how the nipple really works so he would try and get the milk to drain out by using his fingers ... it had become a game.

So, we are DONE!!! He has been fine without it so we are full go. I will say that it has been a bit of a challenge to make sure he gets the needed milk each day as he doesn't want to slow down, but he is doing great! He is a walking man and really on the go .... we didn't do much this weekend, but I am worn out from keeping up with him :)