Things tend to change when you least expect them to ... it is God's way of putting things into perspective.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crazy Month!

I have been all over the place the past few weeks ... out to California and back, then to IL through a snow storm and then down to KY to see family and friends for Christmas. Finally, I am back at home and back to work here is KS. We played our first game since the Christmas break today and got another WIN! We are 10-2 with one more game before the conference season :)

Following our games in California, Eric and I traveled through a horrific snowstorm to get home to IL to be with my side of the family for Christmas. We made it safely and were so glad that we were able to see everyone. We were only there for a couple of days, but it was great being "home" and seeing everyone. Here are a few pics of the events from Christmas with the Wulfs.

Eric really got into the spirit ... he loved his new boots and shop vac!

Check out all the presents! My mom does an awesome job of decorating for the holidays!

After dinner and opening gifts with my family on Christmas Eve, we packed our bags, said good-bye and headed for Kentucky. Eric's family has always opened gifts on Christmas morning so we are able to celebrate with all of them as well. We made it into Bowling Green shortly after 1 am on Christmas morning so we made GREAT time! We were exhausted, though, and headed straight to bed. Eli, our 2-year old nephew, was awake early on Christmas morning and ready for presents. Jennifer, his mom, had to remind him that Santa had come ... Eli was more concerned that Uncle Eric had come. He went to the front door to make sure Uncle Eric's car was in the driveway and then headed to the bedroom to find him before going to see what Santa had left for him. We spent Christmas morning watching Eli open all of the presents from Santa. It was fun as it he starting to "get it" more that there is a Santa!

Uncle Eric and Eli in the new tee-pee that Santa brought!

Later in the morning, we packed up yet again and headed to Eric's mom's house in Russellville, KY. We WAITED forever for Andy, Jennifer and Eli to arrive so that we could open presents that we bought for one another. It was nearly 3 pm before they got there!! I am not one who likes to wait around to open presents on Christmas ... I am going to be like my parents and let my kids open on Christmas Eve :) We finally opened presents and got some really cool gifts.

This was the first year that I did not have to be back in KS until the 27th so we were able to stay an extra day and have more friends over to celebrate. Our good friends -- the Bibbs and the Moores -- all came to see us on the 26th and we were able to catch up and play with the kiddies (the Bibbs have a one year old, Lily, and the Moores have a three year old, Paul). C-Moore, one of Eric's fraternity brother, is an awesome musician. He brought his guitar over and we all sat around in the living room (like old times) and listened to him sing. The cool thing this year is that there was little ones (Eli, Paul and Lily) all jamming along. It was very special. I couldn't help but think how next year at this time, Eric and I would have one of our own to watch and enjoy!

Because of all the traveling that we were doing that week, we decide to leave Huey with my parents. I trust that he is in good hands and that they are giving him lots of love and attention. My brother (and tenant) John is at home with my parents right now, so I trust that he is helping to make sure that Huey is taken care of. I do miss the Big H and am ready for his return. John is supposed to return to KS on Jan. 3rd so Huey will be coming with him! I can only imagine the excitement that he will have to be back at home :) He loves car rides, but hates being left. It will take a day or two for him to stop being mad at Eric and I, but I am sure that we can help him get over it. He can't stay mad at us for long ...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's a ..... !

Don't worry, Bumpy, I am not going to post the sex of the baby here! But, in case anyone else is wondering, we know what we are having and we are very excited. We are 16 weeks along now and the doctor decided this would be a good time to get our first ultrasound. With the amount of traveling I will be doing over the next few weeks/months, she wanted to make sure that all was ok with the baby. Everything turned out to be fine ... everything looks great and the baby is very healthy. We were even able to tell what we are going to have! So, if you would like to know (and you haven't already called one of us, please do so and we will be happy to share the wonderful news). Just remember -- my dad doesn't want to know so you can't be the one that lets the cat out of the bag.

The other good news is that I am finally getting over this nasty cold! It has been over a week now and I still have "remains of it" hanging around. I can honestly say that I am feeling better and can function once again. Eric, however, has gotten it and is down for the count. I am trying to keep my distance so that I don't get it again, but I hope that he is able to fight it off quickly.

So, all in all, it has been a GREAT day. I am going to try and scan some of the baby pictures that we got this morning. You can't see a whole lot cause the little bit is still very small, but you can see some things. It was amazing to see the baby move in my belly. All I can say is that we are truly blessed :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cold weather & ICE!

It is that time of year ... the temps have dropped and the weather is getting nasty! Over the weekend, we had our share of ice, snow and sleet. Overall, though, it wasn't too bad. Eric did have to go into work at 5:00 am on Sunday morning to get crews out to clear parking lots and sidewalks, but it hasn't been that bad. We are expected to get more storms in tonight through Wednesday morning. These are expected to be much worse so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Ice storms always remind me of when I was younger. I can't remember what year it was, but I remember waking up on Valentine's day (yes, February) and seeing EVERYTHING covered in ice. It was crazy. You could walk on top of the snow as it was frozen hard. I remember the trees in my parent's backyard -- split right down the middle. Several of them were killed or took years to come back because of that one singe storm. We were out of school for a few days because the power was out in several areas and the roads were too slick to drive on.

Let's hope that is not the case this week. There is too much to do ... although, I wouldn't complain too much if we had a snow day! I haven't had one of those in a REALLY long time :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Just a note to let you all know that it is OFFICIAL -- Bobby and Alisa are engaged. Following several years of dating, Bobby decided to finally get off the pot and pop the question. Alisa had NO idea it was coming and was surprised by Bobby during the Thanksgiving meal with all of her family around. She had just gotten back from Hawaii and was pretty tired, so I am sure this was the last thing on her mind upon her return.

We are very excited for them. The planning has already begun and the date has been set for October, 4, 2008. Lots to do between now and then, but they are going to enjoy the holidays and then get down to business.

Here is a picture of the actual event. Please excuse Alisa's expression -- she was overcome with joy at this moment in time and could not hold the tears back.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Colds & Puppy help!

I must say that I hate them in general, but they are even worse when you are pregnant because you can't take much for them....Robitussin and some cough drops! I woke up Saturday with a major cold. I could feel it starting to come on Friday night as we went to dinner and by Saturday night/Sunday morning, it has ATTACKED! Saturday wasn't too bad, but by Sunday, it was HORRIBLE. I coughed and coughed .... after sleeping on Sunday (following our game), I felt much better yesterday, but then woke this morning with the crud again. I am able to function throughout the day (with a few coughs), but it is night time that is killing me right now. I am avoiding meds as much as possible, but I have given in at night because otherwise, I can't sleep!

So, I plan to head home tonight and crash .... or at least try to. I will stay with the meds till I can function again. I will say, though, that I sound alot worse than I actually am. Everyone who talks to me tells me that I sound horrible -- lovely, I know.

On a happier note, I was able to get most of the Christmas gifts wrapped last night that we have bought so far. I took me longer than expected because my furry sidekick didn't quite understand the idea that he had to get OFF the wrapping paper before I could wrap the gift. I would literally roll the paper out to measure for cutting and he would make his way onto it and sit. I should have just wrapped him up! I probably ruined at least 10 ft. of paper and 20 ft. of ribbon with him in the room.

Also, if anyone is looking to get Huey a gift this year, please buy him Blue's Clues brother set. We had a furry Blue that was purchased for our Salvation Army family and he could not get enough. He loved the feel of it (it was soft and furry) ... I had to hide it from him because he kept wanting to sniff and lick it. It was crazy ... he went bonkers over this thing! I made Eric remove him from the room because he was so infatuated with this thing. He also loved the spool of curling ribbon ... he looked like a cat trying to reach for it with his paw ... but unlike a cat, he tried to eat the ribbon. He also loved when I finished off a roll of wrapping paper and all that was left was the cardboard tube ... it was soon turned into shreds and he feasted on it.

From now on, I will be wrapping somewhere he can't find me. He is really the nosiest thing and it can be a pain. I am just praying that all of our presents remain in tact under the tree and that he doesn't open them. I would not put it past him one bit ... especially if he is looking for Blue!