Things tend to change when you least expect them to ... it is God's way of putting things into perspective.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Intentions!!

Just so you all know, I have no intentions of taking maternity pictures to show off my ever-growing belly. While I know some women (and men) think this is a beautiful thing and that I should be in love with the growth of my mid-section, I just don't buy it. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be pregnant and ecstatic to be having a little on come May, but I don't have to love what it happening to my body. I have always had issues with the way I look and getting bigger by the day does not help :) There are some women who are "cute" when they are pregnant and look great in these types of pictures, I am not one of those people! I am 6'2" with a large frame ... this does not make for a "cute" pregnant woman. Heck, I can hardly find maternity clothes that will fit my body, let alone "cute" maternity clothes.

So, for those of you who keep asking for pictures so you can see my belly, don't hold your breath. Unless Eric can sneak a pic of it (and me) for that matter, there will probably not be any evidence of this pregnancy via pictures to be found. Your only chance to see this large mama will be to get on the road and come see for yourself :)

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Went to the doctor again yesterday morning for my 22-week check-up. No worries .. all is good! The HR was at 133 and perfectly normal. I am measuring right on track where I should be too. The only bad thing about yesterday is that I had to undergo glucose testing for diabetes. I had to drink this AWFUL "glucose juice" and then wait one hour to have blood drawn. I don't usually mind needles, but when they have to stick me 4 times, it gets a bit annoying. You should see the "tracks" I have on both of my arms from the attempts to draw blood. The guy was finally able to get a vein in my hand so we got the test done on the fourth try! I go back in 5 weeks for my next appointment and we should have more news then for you. Until then, I will just enjoy swollen ankles and movement in my stomach from the bugaboo!

David and Angie are coming out this weekend to spend time with us! They will be here tomorrow night. I guess I can share the news now that, they too, are expecting! They are looking at a mid-September delivery date so it is still pretty early. It should be a fun weekend ... I will get to scare Angie with all the horrors of pregnancy. JUST KIDDING!! They are going to get to see a men's and women's game on Saturday while they are here.

Well, off to lunch. Have a great day!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Week

After finishing our non-conference schedule on a high note with a road win at Xavier, our team has taken a few backward steps with 2 conference losses. This has made for a stressful week as we are trying to get our players back on track for the upcoming games. We played Nebraska on Saturday in Lincoln and did not look good. It was a nationally televised game too, which made it that much worse to sit through. Hopefully we will get back on track though with practice today and tomorrow ... just in time for our road trip to Baylor. We leave tomorrow night and play Wednesday.

Other news ... we have officially surpassed the half way mark in our pregnancy. Still on track for a late May delivery. I am feeling good still, which has been extremely helpful. Not a whole lot of news to report other than than. We go back to doctor on Jan. 23rd so I am sure we will have more details following the visit.

Check us out on TV Wednesday day ... CSTV if you get it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

They're BACK!!!

I am sure most of you know about our good friends, Evan and Kelly McCasland. They have been living over in Japan for the last 18 months as Evan worked for Nissan on assignment. They had told all of us that they would be back to the States for good on Jan. 31st, but they surprised all of us by showing up at home for Christmas. They landed back in Tennessee on Dec. 21st and "hid out" until Christmas, when they were able to surprise their families. They showed up and Evan's parents home on Christmas Eve and then made their way to Kelly's family on Christmas morning. It was probably the best Christmas gift for both sets of parents.

Other friends of ours, the Hetzers, host a New Years Party at their home and Evan and Kelly decided to make their appearance for good on New Years Eve. Eric and I were not able to attend because of our jobs, but we heard that it was a good time by all. Evan and Kelly are planning to come visit us out here in KS in the very near future so we are very excited to see them and have some time with them on our own.

We are so glad they enjoyed their time in Japan, but even more excited that they are home safe. They spent some of their "hiding out" time house shopping and even found a new home. They are set to close on the 28th so they will have a busy few weeks ahead. Evan went back to work today with Nissan and Kelly is busy searching for a new position as she gave her previous job up when they initially moved. Please keep them in your prayers as they settle back at home and get accustomed to life in the south once again!

Welcome home Guys ... We love you and are so glad that you have made it home safe!