Things tend to change when you least expect them to ... it is God's way of putting things into perspective.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pics from last weekend

This right here is the EXACT reason why they cannot be alone together!
Eva and Bumpy -- don't worry, Mary Jo is there too in her M00moo!

Charlie with Evan and Kelly -- we had a BLAST visiting with them on Saturday!

Charlie thought Ms. Kelly was great ... she would get down and play with him. Plus, she had about 1,000 "words" on the fridge that he wanted to get off!

The mischevious grin ... really trying to get into trouble!
P.S. Those are shorts he has on by the way!

Lovin the bath at Me-maws with Cousin Eli!
Thank goodness for bubbles, right Eli????

Swinging on the front porch with Me-maw post haircut.
I didn't let the barber cut enough off the top because I was afraid he would go "too" short as Charlie was not happy by the end of the cut. Bumpy and I got him fixed up the next morning (see above pics for shorter version of the haircut!)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Back Home!

Eric, Charlie and I headed to Kentucky this past weekend to spend time with family and friends. We had a GREAT time seeing everyone, but we are glad to be home now. We left here late on Wednesday and got back tonight around 6:30 pm. We were able to see alot of friends and all of the family down there. We even made a short trip down into TN to see our great friend, Evan and Kelly. My parents came down for a few days as well to see Eva and to spend time with us!!

Tomorrow gets us back to the grind. Camps start in just over a week for me so it is crunch time!!! It should be a fun summer ... just lots to do!

Off to bed .... I will post pics from the weekend soon :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

To the Disgruntled Reader:

My life is just not that exciting ... what can I say???? I apologize that you feel I am "boring," and that I do not update my BLOG enough. I really didn't think that many people checked it so I was weaning myself off a bit. I will try and do better for your sake!!!
Here are a few pictures to tide you over ....

Quit making me laugh, mom!!!

Finally got a good shot for Mother's Day 2009 (see below).

I love playing with my tractor on the bathroom floor!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Have a Wonderful Day!!

To my mom --

While I have always loved you, this past year has made me so thankful to have you as my mom. Whether it is the early morning/late night phone calls or just the time we have together, I am thankful to have such a wonderful woman to follow after and learn from. I know that I can always count on you for support or advice and that you would be here anytime ... day or night. As much as you think I am like dad, I know there is alot of "you" there too.

I never once feared becoming a mother because you have taught me so much and instilled the great lessons of unconditional love and the idea of giving of yourself for your child. I know it has not been an easy road for you and that you have had bumps along the way. But, please know how PROUD I am that you have always picked yourself up and carried on. When some people would have given up, you kept fighting because you knew six little sets of eyes were upon you.

As we continue on this new road in our lives, I know that you will continue to love my child as your own. I know that he will grow up to be a strong and good man because he will always be surrounded by the love of his family. As the "mother" of our family, you have put us down the right path in life and for that, I am forever grateful.

I am sorry that I cannot be there with you today. Please know I am looking forward to the next weekend we have together. I love seeing you with Charlie and am so happy that I can share him with you. It is the least I can do for all that you have done for me!!

Happy Mother's Day 2009!!